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In this code example is it possible to change the color of the variable $message (RUNNING) and have it display in any color of choice - Green for Example:

Global $Title = "My Message Box"

_MessageAndLog(2000, 250,50, "RUNNING")

Func _MessageAndLog($delay,$width, $height, $Message)

SplashTextOn($Title, $message, $Width, $Height, -1, -1, 32, "times new roman", 10, 600)

;//Length of display in milliseconds




Assistance is always appreciated. Ant.. :P

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Nope, you have to create your own gui to do that. Open the helpfile and check the example for GUICtrlSetColor() and you should get the idea :P

Was trying to avoid a GUI like this example I use to control color

GUICreate($Title, 385, 340, -1, -1)



Will probably have to live with what I have coded in the meantime. [Well until I get the time to change what I have already coded]. Thanks for your help Ant..

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