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Any Interested VIM IntelliSense (Tooltips) Developers?

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Scite is an amazing editor don't get me wrong, but the speed at which a talented VIM user can code makes using other editors feel crippling. However at the same time the lack of the intellisense tooltips like the Scite editor has is such a downfall for VIM that it leaves the prefered editor still as Scite. However, Ravi Shankar and Madan Ganesh have made a great plugin for VIM that allows one to add intellisense functionality to VIM for multiple programming languages, see http://insenvim.sourceforge.net/. I would love to add AutoIt to the listed of supported languages but unfortunately with my limited programming in non basic languages I can not seem to figure out how to start adding the syntax of autoit despite the instructions shown on the website. I'm wondering if there is anyone who would like to help me with this project. I would be happy to assist with any grunt work of compiling syntax into the correct format if someone could show me the proper way. Anyone interested?



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