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File Size After Compiling

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Auto It scripts has a big size after compiling

file only with


compile into 500kb file, after upx ~250kb

with res hacker i can decrease size up to ~220kb, but empty file with 220kb - not good

when i open file with res hacker, i see, that debug strings are in file, so i think you insert error debug into script and something else

how i can compile script without it?

sorry for bad english

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AutoIt is interpreted language. This means script is (in encrypted way) packed together with interpreter and bundled as one EXE file.

This is known behaviour and will not change - take it as fact.

Search forum for more details as this was discused already.

EDIT: here is link for you http://svn.autoitscript.com/trac/wiki/AutoItNotOnToDoList

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