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Selecting List Item Sample Code

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Hey all, I am trying to do something with _GUICtrlListView, and am finding it rather difficult to follow the code that is in the help file. What I am trying to achieve is this, and I'm hoping someone might have a bit of sample code I can look at and analyze:

- select the listbox

- find one item on the list called u'

- click on it

- find another item on the list called v'

- click on that as well (preserving the first selection)

- click on a button to move the selected items to another list

I understand that I need to find the items on the list (presumably using _FindItem) and then select them (presumably using _ClickItem), but I can't see from the (rather dense) helpfile examples how I would do that. I'm sure this is extremely simple, but I just can't get my brain around it. Would anybody ahve any sample code that might help put it in context for me?

Thanks in advance!

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