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countdown timer help

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here is part of the coding... I want a countdown timer of the timers $time1 - 10 to display in the label for each if then statement...

What I want is the countdown timer to show hours : minutes : seconds and then once down to 0 finish the script

right now I have it as a sleep timer and cant do anything while it sleeps. Also want to be able to close it by hitting esc or just hitting the X to close it while it is in the timer loop... not really sure how to do this.

If $quest1 = 1 Then


MouseClick("left", 1025, 140)


MouseClick("Left", 1085, 300)


Send ("{DOWN}")


$time1 = 252000

$time2 = 792000

$time3 = 1332000

$time4 = 1872000

$time5 = 2682000

$time6 = 4032000

$time7 = 2682000

$time8 = 4842000

$time9 = 6732000

$time10 = 8082000


Thanks in advance


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