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Filling in a text input box

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The form I am trying to fill in with autoit has a couple of inputs like "State" but it won't let me input "MA", i have to click "Look up", a javascript link that creates a popup with a list of states to choose from. There is a read-only attribute on the input there that the popup can apparently override...

Is there any way to bypass this and input the text that I know is correct? It seems to me this is there to validate input in a roundabout way.

Here is the html from one of those inputs:

<input type="Text" name="txtFunction" id="txtFunction" value="Business and Financial Operations" maxlength="10" size="60" readonly> 
<a href="java script:;" onclick="gofunction();">[lookup]</a>
<a href="java script:;" onclick="clearfunction();">[clear]</a>
<input type="hidden" value="13000000" name="txtFunctionID" id="txtFunctionID">

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Just post the URL of the page, so we can dig in. :P

I wish I could, but it's a page that I have to log into for work; i can't give out our login info unfortunately. I could save the page but I don't know how to send it to you. Here's a few snippets that might help:

<TD noWrap align=right>Job Function:</TD>
                <TD><INPUT id=txtFunction readOnly maxLength=10 size=60 
                  name=txtFunction> <A onclick=gofunction(); 
                  href="java script:;">[lookup]</A> <A onclick=clearfunction(); 
                  href="java script:;">[clear]</A><INPUT id=txtFunctionID 
                  type=hidden name=txtFunctionID></TD></TR>

function gofunction()   {
function clearfunction()    {
        document.addjob.txtFunction.value = '';
        document.addjob.txtFunctionID.value = '';

I dunno how to get the code for /controller.cfc though...

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