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Select a menu entry via Keyboard Shortcut

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I am trying to select a menu entry from a program using AutoIt. I would prefer

to use keyboard shortcuts to this but I find that it does not always work. Sometimes

I need to send a command like ALT+B three to five times and sometimes even this

does not seem to work.


This is true even when I use AutoIt to click into the first File Menu entry (to make sure

the programs menu bar has the focus). Does any one have suggestions/options that

I could use to get this done more reliably?

Thanx Dirki

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Hi Guys,

thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, they did not help.

However, I found through experimenting that the following pattern seems to do the trick:

$MySendKeyDownDelay = Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 200)

$MySendKeyDelay = Opt("SendKeyDelay", 200)



Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", $MySendKeyDownDelay)

Opt("SendKeyDelay", $MySendKeyDelay)

I'll monitor this and see if it works reliable over the next weeks.

Cheers Dirki

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