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make a CSS aimbot

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i been trying to make an aim bot for css for the past few days. i used autoit window spy to get the pixel color. but it seems that every pixel has its own color code. and the wall might have the same color code has the head. and when i play css with the script open, my fps seems to drop and my system kinda slow down a bit. btw i am only make an aimbot for the fun of it and wont use it online.

here is my code:


;Func buyak()

Func buym4()

Func autoaim()
        ;left, top, right, bottom
    If not @error Then 

any advice?

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First off, what's with the huge sleep?


While 1

for an infinite loop.

The only way you can make use of an auto aim in CSS is if you change the actual files, I suppose. Just make a big green mark on the skin and aim for that. Also you'll have to turn off shadows and stuff so it doesn't turn it to a darker green.

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Okay, to do an auto-aim bot for CS a few things must be active.

1. You are sitting still -> you activate a hotkey

2. Someone walks/runs from one side of the screen.

3. A pre-defined amount of screen movement giving you perfect aim.


1. You are sitting still -> you activate a hotkey

2. Someone walks/runs around the corner

3. A pre-defined amount of screen movement based on the number of pixel rows that have changed.

Given these things, using a step variation of _PixelSearch (available in my signature) you just make an array every 500 miliseconds and check to see if it has changed. MouseMove WITH speed and pixel to move to will assist in aiming. Going back to the _PixelSearch you can use the pixel positions that have changed to assist the aim process.

The reason this msg is so long is that what you are trying to do will be extensive.

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