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Easy PDF SDK (easypdfsdk)

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Has anyone used this with AutoIt? I've testing the trial version now, but I need to be able to automate it. I can do it via VB, but I am much better at AutoIt. I seem to be able to access the COM object, and can get some functions to work, but the basic ones like this, do not:

$oPrinter   = ObjCreate('easyPDF.Printer.5')
$oPrintJob  = $oPrinter.PrintJob
$oPrintJob.PrintOut('Network Details.doc', 'Network Details.pdf')

This is the error I get:

C:\Documents and Settings\keithdavis\My Documents\Scripts\Misc\EasyPDFSDKTest.au3 (38) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.:

$oPrintJob.PrintOut('Network Details.doc', 'Network Details.pdf')

$oPrintJob.PrintOut('Network Details.doc', 'Network Details.pdf')^ ERROR

Keith Davis



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