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Ropetin Again

'Go To' Excel Cell

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It seems like I've been asking a lot of questions lately, but I'm almost finished on my current 'masterpiece', so I'll be shutting up soon!

I'm using the wonderful "Excel.au3 v 1.5 (07/18/2008 @ 8:25am PST)" to read from and write to some Excel files, and it's working great. However, it seems I've run into a situation that the UDF doesn't handle. I would like to make a specific cell viewable on the screen, by moving to it. For example, lets say I have an Excel file open, and it is currently on cell A1. I can visibly see on the screen cell A1 through to P40. The cell I'm interested in in Z99. How can I scroll down to this cell, and make it physically visible on the screen?

I've tried _ExcelReadCell and _ExcelWriteCell, just in case they bring focus to the selected cell, but it appears they don't.

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