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Hi there:

I'm working on a new GUI project called TECDiag. Before I continue with it further, let me explain what it will do and then get any feedback from others.

It will look very similar to your standard dxdiag control. However, I want it to have information that is only pertinent to what is needed for tech support or similar functionality.

So, with that said, if you have a feature you really want added into it, please give me feedback as to what you want added. Right now I'm in the initial design layout. I will have all of your standard computer information, networking information, and will be adding in other features for TN3270 and VTAM nodes, etc.

So, think of something you would want to find on a computer if you are supporting an end user, and let me know so I can add it in.


[font="Optima"]"Those who heed life with speculation and contemplation, are the ones stuck home with constipation." - Joel[/font]

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I built a script that I use when a user has some issue with the software I support. The most important items to me were listing the environment variables and parsing the path variable so it is readable. This has saved countless time in understanding how a user is configured. I have them run an executable that is on a common share and then email me the file.

Good luck with your idea. :lmao:

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