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SysListView32 Multiple Columns & GetText

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I'm trying to pull data from a listview control with multiple columns. I'm having a really difficult time pulling up any documentation about this function, so I'm resorting to bothering you all.

The data looks like this

1 Username1 blah

2 Username2 blah

I can pull "1" or "2", but I cannot find how to get the username (or blah) part of the data. I really am only concerned with the usernames.

If it matters, my code looks like this:

$listhandle = ControlGetHandle ("[CLASS:blech]", "", "[CLASS:SysListView32;INSTANCE:1]")
$i = _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText($listhandle, 1, 1);
MsgBox (4160, "Information", "Username: " & $i & " Target Handle: " & $listhandle)

Is there another parameter for the GetItemText? Or is it pulling the info into an array, maybe?

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Nevermind, I found it myself. I misunderstood what sub-items were.

Sorry to take up space!

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