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StringSplit Question.

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I am attempting to write a program that will log on to a service, check to see if the account works. If it does, then it will send to a text file that it works, if it doesn't it moves on to the next one.

The format of the username and password to check is...


I figured I could use string split with : being the split point. I read in the manual, and couldn't figure out how to make it into parts.

The login is simple, just a screen to log into, 3 parts. Username, Password, Login button.

I just need to make it split that from an input box in the gui that the list will be added to, then I want it to use the FIRST part on say... control1 (username box)...

So... ControlSend($stringpart1, "", control1)

Same with the password just control2 to send it to.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make it do this?


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Returns an array, the first element ($array[0]) contains the number of strings returned, the remaining elements ($array[1], $array[2], etc.) contain the delimited strings.

If no delimiters were found @error is set to 1, the count is 1 ($array[0]) and the full string is returned ($array[1]).

Just saw that... Is that what I was looking for? If so... Hows that work, always named $array[1]...

or do i make it....

$whatever = StringSpilt(asddafasdfasdfasdfasdfblahblah)


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What would I do about a list of about 100?


To make it read line 1... split it, and use it.

After that, use the next one.

I am assuming it will be a simple +1 system.

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Read the file into an array, then use UBound and a For loop.

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