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Couple of questions i cant seem to find the answer to.

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Been writing a tribal wars bot, and im sorta stuck with a few probs.


I cant get AutoIt to redirect CURRENT webpages.


I cant get AutoIt to get past a Log-In Screen.


I cant get AutoIt to findout(lack of better word) what current resources are. The resources are refreshed at a certain rate and displayed in a text field if that helps.


I cant get AutoIt to display an input screen on the GUI.read below

Any advice would help with these questions.

*I want to make the GUI get data from checkboxes and then execute the bot to queue the selected upgrades in a loop fashion while it interprets the Resources. Also, i need to put a break or sleep in between the queues to allow the resources to build up, and when the resources reach a cap, the bot will then requeue an upgrade.

Thanx in advanced,


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