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How to stop ESC from sending $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

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This might be a stupid question (I'm new), but is there a way to stop ESC from sending the $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE message?

I believe I read somewhere that the AutoIt GUI is basically a dialog, so an ESC *should* send a CLOSE message, but if it wouldn't, the GUI would look a bit more like a "real" window.

Again, maybe this is a stupid question, but a normal/"real" window shouldn't close with just an ESC, should it? (Try it...)



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HotKeySet('{ESC}', 'DummyFunc')

Func DummyFunc()
; Do nothing, or maybe something depending on what you want

That will catch the escape key and keep it from sending to your GUI. The only problem is that this catches the key whether the GUI is focussed or not. You'd best have a loop checking to see if your GUI window is active, and if it is then set the hotkey, and if not then unset it.

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