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Get text from Delphi tooltip

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i would like to get into my Autoit script a text from a tooltip that appears on mouseover in a Windows application.

The problem is, i dont know where the textvalue is stored in this tooltip window object.

After a lot of tries I have found that the tooltip window belongs to a "TWideGraphicHintwindow.UnicodeClass" class.

In google I have found that it is used in Delphi 6 or 7 application.

But this tooltip window has set as TITLE, which normally should be a tooltip text the word "Data" disregarding what values are shown in a tooltip.

I have also tried UDF functions _GUIToolTip_**** but they dont worked for me.

I can get a handle from tooltip window, i can manipulate it (move, change opacity, etc.) but i just can't get any textvalue from it!

Maybe if someone have any ideas which I can try, please share them with me.



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Im thinking about getting the textvalue direct from process memory, but I have no clues how can I make it.

I think there should be some anchors or patterns in memory which can be found and then with this information the script can read the desired memory area.

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