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My first script-color settings in adobe bridge

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Hi everyone!

First Autoit script and first post here :-)

I'm trying to automate color settings in Adobe Bridge. I will need to do it on quite few computers so that's great opportunity to start with AutoIt scripting.

It looks easy just few clicks to automate:

1. open birdge.exe

2. send key combination (control+shift+K)

3. select form list appropriate color settings file

4. apply it

5. close bridge.

looks easy but I've got stuck at point 3

I need to select one of color settings presets but using 'AutoIt v3 Window Info' I can't find any Class/instance/classnameNN or ID which will indicate proper selection. Only thing which is changing is mouse coordinates but this will not work because popup window is opening in different places on the scree on different computers.

that is my script:

MsgBox(64, "Color Sync", "Color sync in Adobe will start now")

Run("C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge\Bridge.exe")

WinWaitActive("[CLASS:Bridge_WindowClass]", "")


WinWaitActive("Suite Color Settings")

; here I need to select proper color settings preset

if will be possible to recognize 'Visible/Hidden Text' it will help but I can't see it in autoit window info.

please help.


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