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Hi to all,

I'm a newbie to this Autoit, I am trying to create a simple script to automate a repeated task.

I want to send a a data to a specific textbox. when I right click the item it will how the properties(window) of that item

then the code will start to locate my text box, then it will delete the item using "BS" for 3time and it will type the number "50"

heres my sample script:

Send ("Tab", 5) =locate the txtbox

Send ("Right", 2) =locate the txtbox

Send ("Tab", 7) =locate the txtbox

Send ("BS", 3) = delete the 3 characters to the txtbox

Send ("50") = auto type to the text box

Send ("Tab", 5) =go to close buton

Send ("ENTER") =close the propertybox

my question is: how can I start this script, I tried to run the script while the property box is open, but nothing happen.

i mean how can I activate this script while the properties window open, is there any code I missed?

Thank you..

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Hi, first of all , thank you for your reply. I tried to add WinActive at the top of code WinActive ("Sample")

then I right-click the item , goto properties, and when the properties-window is open, I run the script, but still nothing happen.

the code I post is the actual script in my editor.

Many thanks

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