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Hide mouse cursor, but allow movement & clicks?

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I have searched forums and cant get anywhere with this... 1st script in Autoit.

I have a prog I need to control and the only way I can get it to do what I want is to use mouse clicks (cant use tab or key presses etc as they do nothing, and many of the TABs/buttons I need to select have no unique ID).

I want this action to be hidden from the user and a simple 'please wait' dialogue to be displayed when the script is actioned.

So far I have set the prog window to be effectively transparent using WinSetTrans with setting of 1.

This allows the mouse to function, but its seen rushing around the screen for 10 seconds in what would be a seemingly random manor.

I have searched and tried all the scripts I can find here and not got anywhere.

I need the mouse cursor to be hidden but still function (and use blockinput for 10secs while script does its mouse clicking).

Any ideas? Hiding using gui does not work as I need to bring focus to the prog to get the mouse actions to work, and that shows the mouse again.

I was thinking that maybe I need to create a blank cursor and call that from script unless there is an alternate way?

In testing I cant even get the change cursor function working <<_WinAPI_LoadImage(0,"C:\WINDOWS\Cursors\blank.cur",$IMAGE_CURSOR,0,0,$LR_LOADFROMFILE) >>

So my main task is to hide a window but allow actions to take place while displaying a please wait message.



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