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Anyone used Wininter.exe from CCM/iCommand/LiveState Delivery

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Some of you may have been using CCM/iCommand/LiveState Delivery and used the buttonpusher that comes with it. (Transcript Recorder)

Now the product has been end-of-life'd, and I wanted to continue to use the transcript recorder language in our next installation system. (we have a LOT of buttonpusher scripts... and the language is really easy to use)

So I've created in AutoIt a .win parser that reads the .win files (not the compiled .if files that wininter.exe does) and does the same thing.

It's not complete yet, but it's getting there.

Here's what a .win file could look like:


    language  = 0
    version   = 0, 1    

    INSTALLPATH = "C:\\Program Files\\Demo\\"
    RUN "C:\\Doc\\AutoIt\\WinFileParser\\demo.exe"


    {"~This program will demonstrate " , "~Welcome to the demonstration i"} 
        BUTTON {"Next >"|"&Next >"} 
        SLEEP 1

    {"Destination Folder" , "Install Demo to:"} ! WB1 
        BUTTON {"Change..."|"&Change..."} 

    {"Look in:" , "&Look in:"} 
        EDIT {"#731"} <INSTALLPATH> 
        BUTTON {"OK"|"&OK"} 

    {"Destination Folder" , "Install Demo to:"} ! WB2 & WB1 
        BUTTON {"Next >","&Next >"} 

    {"Ready to Install the Program"} 
        BUTTON {"Install"|"&Install"} 

    {"InstallShield Wizard Completed"} 
        BUTTON {"Finish"|"&Finish"} 

Anyone interested in this?

Quite often, silent params just don't work, or works differently than you want it to, and then this way of telling a buttonpusher what to do, just make life sooo much easyer ;)

Best regards


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