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_SoundPos and others

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Hi there

I downloaded and replaced the Sound.au3 from the topic I've linked and its working fine, except one thing.

It's have a quiet large ammunt of Faild 'QueryOpen' - 'NAME NOT FOUND'.

I've looked after the UDF Code, and found out that when the _Sound<something> Fuction using the "mciSendString()" functions they all have the the following function:


By watching the sysinternals process monitor, every time when its tring to get the short name of the random 10 character generated by the _SoundOpen() these functions are tring to find it in the script's directory, like "C:\AutoIt3\kyudhfikei" which is absoluetly not existing, but it check is 12 times before it figures out that the song I'm looking for is somewhere else...?!

I've Replaced all 'FileGetShortName($sSnd_id)' to a simple '$sSnd_id' in my sound.au3, but since I don't understand this level of programing yet, I would like to ask if anyone knows the consequences,... if there are any until I'm using the alias given by the _SoundOpen()?

[quote name='PsaltyDS']so what is your ilegitimate purpose here?[/quote]

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