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Need Help for a big User Control App

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helpers wellcome:

as I want part of my app to be moved from Vb6 into autoit :

* for coding

* for testing :):lmao: ,

It is an internet coffe app with 3 main modules:

1 Server

2 Client

3 Low level and system Control o:)

In case, you even wish to build yourself another internet coffe shop

I can help you in founding it, as you will be testing the app and giving new points.


This is a long time project which needs even months to move as there are so many funcs.

It is already a 5 years project till now. :). (it is 5 years working to the public)

It is working in my InternetCoffe and another one of a friend.

I made for myself this app.

If you are not a scripter, but you want to be a tester,ok. it is super helpful also :) .


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