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Automating Admin tasks

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Hi ,

I'm quite new to autoit scripts however i played with the codes a little bit to try getting some of admin tasks automated in exe file that i could deploy to users machines.

The following code should map a network drive and run a vbs script to defrag the C: of the machine , using admin credentials.

Whats is confusing me is that the drive is being mapped but when i do "net use" it comes up as unavaiable, this only happens when inside the execution of this autoit file , if i go to cmd and do net use J: \\myserver\scripts it does map it properly and it becomes available.

Having the mapped drive unavailable stops me from running the script i want because it won't find it.

any help would be very welcome.


Local $sUserName = "administrator"

Local $sPassword = "mypassword"

Local $sDomain = "mydomain"

Run(@ComSpec&" /c "& 'net use J: \\myserver\scripts', "", @SW_HIDE)

Local $pid = RunAsWait($sUserName, $sDomain , $sPassword, 1,"CSCRIPT J:\XDefrag.vbs /L", @ComSpec)

;Wait for the process to close.


MsgBox(0, "Defrag Finished?",$pid)

Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'net use J: /delete', "", @SW_HIDE)

MsgBox(0, "Process Finished", "J Drive unmapped");


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Run(@ComSpec&" /c "& 'net use J: \\myserver\scripts', "", @SW_HIDE)

I think your problem is most likely that the NET USE command will be asking for a username and password, but of course you never see its console window. You can add ' /user:[username] [password]' to the commandline.

Alternatives are to use the DriveMapAdd() command which is the Autoit-native method, or to:

Use RunAsSet to determine the credentials the process will run under, and then use a UNC path to access the server. If the local credentials match a server-account there should be no need to repeat them.

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Took me quite a while to find the answer , probably because I'm a newbie but I finally resolved the issue just by doing the command:

Local $pid1 = RunAsWait($sUserName,$sDomain,$sPassword,1, @COMSPEC & " /c \\myserver\scripts\defrag.vbs",@WindowsDir,@SW_HIDE)


Don't even need to map the drive

Of course there is a shared drive called \\myserver\scrpits

Thanks for the attention

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