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Parsing the results of an _ArraytoClip

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So this is a newbie question. I have a very limited amount of experience with C++ (a semester in school) and decided to take the plunge into AutoIT. I'm currently working on a bot for Magic Online and have been working on a system to convert the name of a card to one long string of hexadecimal (derived from a loop to determine image checksum values along the name of a card.)

The following is the code for the function I wrote to perform the task of the checksum. Below I'll try to explain the issue.

Func TradeChecksum()

;Checks for changes in pixel checksum values in trade window, and reacts to those changes

$checksumloop = 1

dim $cardchecksum[159]

while $checksumloop = 1

;If player cancels trade, press okay and return to waiting for trade state

$canceldetect = PixelGetColor (418, 257)

$yougivedetect = PixelGetColor (25, 635)

if $canceldetect = 0x594B32 Then

MouseClick ("left", 509, 466)

$checksumloop = 0



;Collects and displays checksum data for the first card in a listview in the "you give" line

if $yougivedetect <> 0x000000 Then

$x = 51

$y = 633

While $x < 210

$tempchecksum = PixelGetColor ($x, $y)

$cardchecksum[$x - 51] = $tempchecksum

$x = $x + 1


;Display contents of array (for testing purposes; this needs to be removed later)



sleep (100)



On that last while loop, I'm basically just creating an array and dumping all of the checksum values for $x and $y associated with every card. If I were in a trade, and someone potentially selected a card, the following is what I see when I paste the contents of the clipboard into notepad.

Posted Image

So basically, I'm looking to see if there's a way to parse out those little high rectangles that are being included in _ArrayToClip command. I appreciate any advice you guys can give me. Thanks for your time!

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First of all, I use the variable $text in place of the input ofcourse. I guess you allready know this if you read this piece, but maybe this var info is usefull for beginners.

I would first detect what char that is.

Something like:

$ascii_character = Asc(StringMid($text, 1, 1))

Example to show ascii code of 2nd character:

MsgBox(0, "char?", Asc(StringMid($text, 1, 1)))

Then you know the ascii character code for that rectangle.

Then use:

StringReplace($text, Chr($ascii_character), ""); Replaces the content of $ascii_character (which is converted back to the character) with nothing.

To replace the now known character with nothing, thus removing it.

Edit: MsgBox example is wrong 'cause a MsgBox ofcourse won't assign a character to a variable...

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Hey, just wanted to let you guys know my result.

I was able to use your response to figure out the conclusion here. That little high rectangle symbol was a carriage return. Hopefully this will help others if they find this topic.

Thanks for your help, Triblade! ;)

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