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Problem AutoitX using in Excel 2003

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Hi all,

I am facing a strange problem on using AutoitX.dll (

I should run many codes and function from Autoit normally in Excel 2003

When I code as below

$ctrl = ControlGetHandle("Source","","SysListView321")
ControlListView("Source", "", $ctrl, "select all")

$name = ControlListView("Source", "", $ctrl, "finditem", "0 KB",1)
MsgBox(0,"First name",ControlListView("Source","",$ctrl,"GetText",$name, 0))

It runs normally directly compile and run by autoit3

But when I code in Excel with autoitx.dll

Dim cAutoit As New AutoItX3Lib.AutoItX3

Dim infosheet As Worksheet
'Set infosheet = ThisWorksheets.Sheets("Sheet1")

Dim ctrl
Dim data

cAutoit.WinActivate ("Source")
cAutoit.WinWaitActive ("Source")
ctrl = cAutoit.ControlGetHandle("Source", "", "SysListView321")
data = cAutoit.ControlListView("Source", "", ctrl, "FindItem", "3 KB", 1)

MsgBox 0, vbInformation, "Checking", "", data

It seems the data always return "0"

The row of the item "3 KB" should be at row 7, but the function still return a value "0".

And I try to Finditem which not exist in the list, it still return "0". (which should be return -1)

Can anyone help me or anyone face the same problem so we can dicuss it here?

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Seems no one wanna to answer....

Can anyone help me?

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