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Practice with Example Notebook

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I'm trying to practice adding a timer to a script.

So I edited the Notepad example and added a loop with Sleep.

The script runs but it doesn't sleep for the 1 minute

What did I do wrong?

Here is my code:


; AutoIt Version: 3.0

; Language: English

; Platform: Win9x/NT

; Author: Jonathan Bennett (jon@hiddensoft.com)


; Script Function:

; Opens Notepad, types in some text and then quits.


HotKeySet("f","toggla"); Placing the hotkey in here is not necessary, but will allow you to do the function manually if you want to.

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate");a way to break out of the script

; Prompt the user to run the script - use a Yes/No prompt (4 - see help file)

$answer = MsgBox(4, "AutoIt Example (English Only)", "This script will run Notepad type in some text and then quit. Run?")

; Check the user's answer to the prompt (see the help file for MsgBox return values)

; If "No" was clicked (7) then exit the script

If $answer = 7 Then

MsgBox(0, "AutoIt", "OK. Bye!")



; Run Notepad


; Wait for the Notepad become active - it is titled "Untitled - Notepad" on English systems

WinWaitActive("Untitled - Notepad")

While 1


sleep(60000000); or however long you want to wait in microseconds.


Func toggla()

Send("Hello from Notepad.{ENTER}1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10{ENTER}")



Func Terminate()



; Now that the Notepad window is active type some text

; Now quit by pressing Alt-f and then x (File menu -> Exit)



; Now a screen will pop up and ask to save the changes, the window is called

; "Notepad" and has some text "Yes" and "No"



; Now wait for Notepad to close before continuing

WinWaitClose("Untitled - Notepad")

; Finished!

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This may be your issue at first glance.

sleep(60000000) is not 1 minute

sleep(60000) is 1 minute

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