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A Couple Questions

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I have a couple questions I'm going to try and include in just 1 post.

My First Question:

This one involved numbers, and how to detect if one exists. This is needed in a program that is automating a browser, and when ran the program will change the title of the browser setting it unique from any other, ensuring the program knows which one to process the commands to. Well , Instead of having multiple programs running for multiple browsers , I'm trying to figure out how it would be possible to have 1 program control multiple browsers.

My theory so far:

$Instance = InputBox( "Instance", "What instance is this?")

WinSetTitle( "Browser", "", "Unique Name - "&$Instance)

$Instance would be a number , which is what I want to be able to separate the the browsers with. For Example: If "Unique Name - 1" exists , I want it to name the next one I open "Unique Name - 2"... And so on.

And if a browser gets opened , that it would direct its commands to both of the windows. For example , If I were to do this:

ControlClick( "Browser", "", "Unique Name - "&$Instance, "left", 1, 1, 1) ; That it would know to do this command to all windows with the "Unique Name - ".

Sorry if I tried explaining this too deep, or repetitive, I just wanted to be sure if anyone tried helping me they would know exactly what I need.

Thanks again Everyone,


Edit: That was only one question... But I forget my other one O_O. I guess it will come to me whenever it comes time to write the code.

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Sounds like it is time for you to write some test code..;)

Take a look at the Win* functions again- Pay especially attention to the Title special definitions in the parameters section.

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