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Scheduled task

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Hi to all,

following szenario:

On a Windows 2003 Server there are several scheduled tasks running as different users.

For security reasons the users must change their passwords. At this moment the password in the scheduled task is old and the task

will not run.

Is there a way to check the password without starting the task?

I think on a check against the domain or "last change"-date or something like that.

I don't want to crack the password - i just want to ensure the functionality of the task depending on the password.

Thanks for helping ideas!


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first you need to know where are passwords saved... i think in


but you can not copy, delete or edit this file. you can not get passwords from it.

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Hi zFrank,

i don't want to get the passwords - so i don't need to hack the sam ... (hopefully ;) )

I thought about a little database where i can store infos about the scheduled tasks.

On a second step i will ask the active directory to get the date of the last pw change ... compare this with the first information and

i will see, if the last pw change was before or after the last change in the scheduled job ...

Ähmm - can you copy me?



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