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Changing color or font of a text (or part of a text) in an existing control

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Is there an option how to change the font of some text in an existing control?

eg. lets say I use SplashTextOn ( "title", "text" [, w [, h [, x pos [, y pos [, opt [, "fontname" [, fontsz [, fontwt ]]]]]]]] ) to generate a text.

Now I change it by ControlSetText ( "title", "text", controlID, "new text" [, flag] )

Can I change the color or the font of that text as well?

Also is there a way how to use 2 different fonts in the same message? Particularly I want something like this text:

"font size can be 1 2 3 4 ...... 24 32 36"

I want to display each number using the same font size. i.e. 24 displayed using font size 24; 32 displayed using font 32, ...

Is it possible?


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I think the simple way is to create your own GUI. There was a question similar to this just a few days ago.... search for it, I'll bet it has some answers there too!



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