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Array search in rows

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With _arraysearch you can only search in columns, see example from helptext.

Is it possible to search in rows?

For example how do i find value 3 in row 3?





Local $avArray[6][2] = [ _

["String0", "SubString0"], _

["String1", "SubString1"], _

["String2", "SubString2"], _

["String3", "SubString3"], _

["String4", "SubString4"], _

["String5", "SubString5"]]

_ArrayDisplay($avArray, "$avArray")

$sSearch = InputBox("_ArraySearch() demo", "String to find?")

If @error Then Exit

$sColumn = InputBox("_ArraySearch() demo", "Column to search?")

If @error Then Exit

$sColumn = Int($sColumn)

$iIndex = _ArraySearch($avArray, $sSearch, 0, 0, 0, 1, $sColumn)

If @error Then

MsgBox(0, "Not Found", '"' & $sSearch & '" was not found on column ' & $sColumn & '.')


MsgBox(0, "Found", '"' & $sSearch & '" was found in the array at position ' & $iIndex & ' on column ' & $sColumn & '.')


My scripts: _ConsoleWriteLog | _FileArray2D




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You are mixed up, _ArraySearch is for one dimensional arrays, meaning it only searches rows. You need a search that checks each column in every row.

The next question is, what do you want returned? You will almost have to return a two element array with the row in the first element and the column in the second element.

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