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DllCall Help

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Hi, when i try to run this scrip, it gives me an error that can't find dllcall function. Here's my source code copied from someone

;In this little example pressing n will pop up a message

;pressing Esc will leave.

Func _IsPressed($hexKey)

; $hexKey must be the value of one of the keys.

; _IsPressed will return 0 if the key is not pressed, 1 if it is.

; $hexKey should entered as a string, don't forget the quotes!

; (yeah, layer. This is for you)

Local $aR, $bO

$hexKey = '0x' & $hexKey

$aR = DllCall("user32", "int", "GetAsyncKeyState", "int", $hexKey)

If Not @error And BitAND($aR[0], 0x8000) = 0x8000 Then

$bO = 1


$bO = 0


Return $bO

EndFunc ;==>_IsPressed

Anyone help?

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Download the latest version of AutoIt v3.0.103


Also, I don't know if that particular example will work on Windows 95/98/Me

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