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Add char to string

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Hi everyone

I used _HexToString UDF but it's return a cut-off string, so i make a new function like this

Func HexToString($string)
    Local $text = ""
    Local $i, $iDec, $Char, $iHex
    For $i = 0 To StringLen($string) Step 2
        $iHex = StringMid($string, $i, 2)
        $iDec = Dec($iHex)
        $text &= Chr($iDec)
    Return $text

And i 've tested it with this call:




But it return a empty string ;)

Does anybody know how to fix it, please .

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This works for me

#Include <String.au3>
ConsoleWrite($test & @LF)

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I updated the AutoIT to newest version and _HexToString() UDF working now.

Thanks for help ;)

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