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Installing .EXE With Admin Rights

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We are trying to send out a package to field users who need to have a replacement application installed. When we run the compiled script as an admin it processes and installs fine. When we run it as a standard user it throws a message that we need admin rights to install the app for all users. Then the processing dies and nothing is installed.

We have the following au3 script which we compiled into a .exe file:


; Declare variables

Local $sUserName = "Encrypted UserAccount"

Local $sDomain = "Encrypted @DOMAIN"

Local $sPassword = "Encrypted PASSWORD"

Local $iLogonFlag = 1

Local $sInstallFile = "dfs path to install file"

Local $sCopySessions = "dfs path to sessions file"

; Run the installation as a user with Admin rights.

RunAsWait ($sUserName, $sDomain, $sPassword, $iLogonFlag, Run($sInstallFile))



By all rights what we have above should work. Any rewrites, help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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You shouldn't have a Run() function inside of RunAsWait()...

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If Not IsAdmin() Then
    RunAs($encryptuser, "***DOMAIN***", $encryptpass, 0, @ScriptName, @ScriptDir);rerun program with admin credentials

That will rerun your entire script as an admin.

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