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HTML Help from doc devs

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I am trying to convert my Gui tutorial to the new version of the gui. I want to know how did you get the script examples in the help file to look like scites coloring etc?


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You can see the inner workings by downloading the docs source archive (docs-v3.0.103-src.exe) from http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/files/unstable/autoit/

I believe JdeB used both both AutoIt and Lua scripting SciTE capabilites.

Here's a sample script you could adapt; it uses the Export > As HTML feature on SciTe's file menu:

; Exports each buffer in SciTE to an HTML file
; - CyberSlug - 10 Jan 2005
; Note that the there is a "buffers" setting in SciTEGlobal.properties
;  that you might want to change to buffers=100
;  which is the max number of simultaneous open buffers

$dialog = "Export File As HTML"

While Not WinExists("(Untitled) - SciTE")

   WinMenuSelectItem("SciTE","","&File", "&Export", "As &HTML...")
   ControlSetText($dialog,"","Edit1", "C:\path\goes\here\whatever\filename.txt"
 ;;;ControlSetText($dialog,"","Edit1", "..\colorexamples\" & _ ControlGetText($dialog,"","Edit1"))

   WinMenuSelectItem("SciTE","","&File", "&Close")

Edited by CyberSlug

Use Mozilla | Take a look at My Disorganized AutoIt stuff | Very very old: AutoBuilder 11 Jan 2005 prototype I need to update my sig!

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