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Portable web page generator

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It's still in the (very) early stages, but I thought that I would share it anyway. ;)

This is basically a WYSIWYG webpage editor for creating pages formatted to the PSP. The idea came from making so many by hand.

Currently it has almost no elements you can add (hoping to add more) - but everything works!!!

It has 4 screens - one for the controls, one for the editing, one for the output, and one for hard-coding the HTML.

After selecting a page element, all you need to do is click and drag on the edit GUI to create it!

I'm fairly new to a project like this, so need reviews (and ideas for improvements etc...)!!

Readme.txt contains the functions and my todo list

instructions.txt is how to use what I have done so far

Please try it!

BTW - you will need cwebpage.dll in the same directory as the script or it won't work

Edit: Updated to version (see post) and added the functionality to change elements yourself

Edit: Added cwebpage.dll as an attachment

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Sorry for the delay.

I keep getting a "Not Responding" error with the latest version so have updated to v Can someone let me know if it is compatible with their version?

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