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Björn Kaiser

image based XP installation

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Björn Kaiser

So after playing around with AutoIt for some simple scripts, I started to write a XP installer in AutoIt. The intention behind this project is, at my workplace we have no WDS and MS domain, so I built something that allows to install XP without MS only services. MS actually made this easy, as WinPE 2.0 can be booted in a simple DHCP/TFTP environment (PXE), as opposed to the weird dependance on MS only services (binl) in WinPE 1.0.

The only thing I can claim for me is, that I glued some MS tools together with AutoIt. And now I am searching for some help, because

  • this project is getting over my head (I am /only/ a sysadmin, not a programmer)
  • the bus factor is way to low (= I am the only person that knows my project)
  • I could need some input on how to do some things better
  • there could be features that are "must have" but which I missed
and after all the talk, here is the project:


So, if anyone has the time to help with that project, I'm open for criticism (negative as much as positive) and if you want to work on the code, I'll gladly add you as a project member.



"I teleported home one nightWith Ron and Sid and Meg.Ron stole Meggie's heart awayAnd I got Sidney's leg."- A poem about matter transference beams.

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