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I have created a bot for trading MTGO cards, there are several updates for the script that I have planned.

I need help if I can get it to make this better because it's a huge challenge for someone like me who isn't a coding genius and strapped for time.

If you would like a copy of the script and in return agree to share any changes with me please e-mail me at c08oliverbrian@hotmail.com.

Too many people out there simply wish to steal the script and sell it for money elsewhere which is why I have not posted right here. If you are one of those people and you cantact me, I would look somewhere else since I have spent long hours ensuring there is some kind of control over who can use the product. I absolutely will not tolerate thieves.


Run and go (bot will enter exit and do all the trading on its own)

Trading Logs (Keep track of errors and also the trades made by player and date)

Automatic Pricing (Automatically download card price info for the bot to use)


Dynamic Pricing (Bot keeps track of sales and adjusts prices to sell optimum amount)

Detailed Selling Report

Online Tracking (Use collective of bots to trade between each other so cards are always available to buyers)

and there are other features I probably just can't remember right now

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