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BinaryInBin (equivalent for StringInStr)

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Is there a quick way of finding a binarystream (in memory) in another one.

* Doing a byte by byte comparison is real slow.

* Isn't there an equivalent for StringInStr like BinaryInBin

Something in Pseudocode like below (only much larger images)

Image A has size @desktopwidth, @desktopheight represented in binarystream x

Image B is smaller 10 * 10 represented in binarystream y

for i = 1 to maxline of b

;BinaryInBin($x,$y) // How to do this????

next i

Ofcourse something like below( pseudocode) could work but is slower than matching a full line at once

function BinaryInBin($a,$;)

for $i=0 to BinaryLen($:D-1


for $j = 0 to BinaryLen($a)-1

if binarymid($b,$i)<>binarymid($a,$j) then







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you could do this

$binary = ;your binary code
$string = string($binary)
$g = stringinstr($string, $whatever u want)
;then convert it back to binary
$rebinary = stringtobinary($string)

global $warming = true

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I actually thought that string would break on chr(0) obviously its not

$Bin = binary("Elwin" & CHR(0) & "Wildschut")
consolewrite( $bin)
consolewrite(binarylen($bin) & @crlf)

$str = binarytostring($bin)
consolewrite($str )
consolewrite(stringlen($str) & @crlf)

$iS=stringinstr($str, "Wildschut")
consolewrite("Found at " & $is & @crlf)

$bin = stringtobinary($str)
consolewrite( $bin)
consolewrite(binarylen($bin) & @crlf)

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