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Program to search for .jpg, .avi, .mov

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Ok, so my friend sent some nude pictures and videos to a girl, who is now black mailing her and threatening to post them on the internet. I told her I would find or write a program for her to search for any jpg, mov, or avi file on her computer and delete them. It's really important to her, and I told her I would see what I could do to help.

I'm sure I could figure it out, but if someone already has something like that, or can do it quickly and hook me up, I would really appreciate it. I would just do it myself, but time is a factor. And I want to make sure it works.

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You could use this little function I wrote sort of like this. And use it recursively.

Func _DeleteAllFiles($SourceDir=@DesktopDir, $Filter=".exe")
For $i=1 To $Array[0]
    if StringRight($Array[$i], $Length) = $Filter Then FileRecycle($SourceDir&"\"&$Array[$i])

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