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LIttle HTA Trick as a Newbie

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I started the script then need to click a button for the program to execute so just starting the program was not an option

Generate this as part of your hta generation

$hta = $hta &@CRLF& '<script language="VBScript"> '

$hta = $hta &@CRLF& 'Sub RunProgram '

$hta = $hta &@CRLF& 'document.title="Run Program by NewbieServices.com"'

$hta = $hta &@CRLF& 'End Sub'

$hta = $hta &@CRLF& '</script> '

$hta = $hta &@CRLF& '</head><body> <button onclick="RunProgram">Run Program</button>

Now the button will rename the window

Then place this in your autoit script

Run(@ComSpec & " /c start "&@ScriptDir&"\DumbSubmitMenu.hta",@ScriptDir,@SW_HIDE) ;or whatever the name of your hta is

WinWait("DumbSubmit by NewbieServies.com","")

WinActivate("DumbSubmit by NewbieServies.com", "")

WinMove("DumbSubmit by NewbieServies.com", "", 0, 0, 300, 300)

WinSetOnTop("DumbSubmit by NewbieServies.com","",1)

while WinExists("DumbSubmit by NewbieServies.com","")



The program will now wait until the window no longer exists which it doesn't when you click the vbscript button and rename the window

Just a new trick I learned as a newbie


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Clever ;)

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