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IE Automation help!

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I want to find out...Is there anyway to click all the topics in a forum? e.g. for example...i want to click all forum topics, but don't want to click the important topics...(Look at pic below)

Posted Image

I mean clicking all the forum topics in the case such as...

_IELinkClickByText ($oIE, "Set focus....")


_IELinkClickByText ($oIE, "Error whem...")

Trouble is, I wouldn't know what text to set it to as i want it to constantly click on NEW topics, as people post them...

Quite Edit: If it helps, i am trying to create a program, where the application will visit certain forums, click on a topic, extract the topic info and repost them on another site ( a bit like RSS)



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A Forum copier.... that just seems rude depending on how it is used but you wouldn't have to click them if you don't know html already you should learn a little and then figure out how to pull each link and inetgetsource it manipulate that html code to give you what you want.

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