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Run (and maybe save) posted scripts

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As a relative newcomer to AutoIt I like trying out the scripts I see here, but got fed copying, pasting, saving and running. "Ah-ha" I thought ...

The idea is you select and copy the script to the clipboard and then hit Ctrl-r to run or Alt-r to save and then run.

Two problems you might be able to help with - I wanted to send Ctrl-C to copy the selected text to the clipboard automatically, but the window with the selected text on looses the focus, how do I find which window was active when the hotkey was pressed? The second is that the save dialogue doesn't appear on top. All ideas gratefully received.


While 1

Func RunScript()
    DoSaveAndRun(@tempdir & "\TempScript.au3")

Func SaveAndRunScript()
    $File=FileSaveDialog("Save AutoIt File", @MyDocumentsDir, "Scripts (*.au3)", 16, "*.au3")
    if @error=0 Then

Func DoSaveAndRun($FileName)
    $Handle=FileOpen($FileName, 2)
    Run("AutoIt3" & ' "' & $FileName & '"')

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There was an issue with ClipGet() if the clipboard changes while the script is open. Try your script and make sure it can run multiple scripts while it's still running.

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