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open/process files from directory

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I have quite a lot of old Lotus files (*.wk3) which I would like to convert to Excel (*.xls)

I can open this files in Excel and just save it in xls file format - easy.

because I have hundreds of wk3 files it will take ages to do it manually.

for Autoit it will be few steps only:

open file

save it

close it

open next file



I able to write the script for single file but how do I process whole folder - open first file, close then open next etc?

that's my script:

Run("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\excel.exe")

WinWaitActive("[CLASS:XLMAIN]", "")


; here I will need to open file the folder




;close saved file

;and go back to opening next File

any suggestions much welcome

thank you

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Another way would be to use _FileListToArray and a for loop.

I would also suggest using the Excel UDF instead of sending keystrokes. The Excel UDF that most people use is located here.

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thank you very much it works perfectly!!

now I will need to study a bit to understand how....

thanks again!


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