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Windows Explorer Folder Options

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I'm writing a installer program that will need to check if hide extensions in Windows Explorer Folder Options is checked. I've searched this forum and searched in the help file but I must be looking in the wrong place.

Is there a way to check if hide extensions in folder options is checked?

Thank you for your help,


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Easy as cake my friend. Ok well cake isn't easy... I guess it's as easy as ice cream in a bowl from your freezer....


"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced", "HideFileExt", 0x00000000


$val= ^^^^

if ($val == 1 ) Then MsgBox(0,"bla","It is enabled!! Because 0x00000001 is the same thing as 1 in registry, and 1 is the same thing as true!!")

else MsgBox(0,"bla2","It's not enabled. ;) Maybe we should call a regWrite on this location")

That should be all you need. Now here's the trick, once you update registry via RegWrite... How does one update explorer.exe to reflect these changes without issue'ing a computer restart/ logout of user? hehe that's where I'm at with this stuff. Two ways I know of, one of which I have been able to find after researching and test. 1.) Find a C++ equivelant function for this, and use DllCall to change the setting. and 2.) - this one I haven't done yet becuz i dont know how honestly -> Find some sort of C++ function to use with DLLCall that will update explorer.exe directly, using values in registry, or values defined expressly via function call...

hope that helps.

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