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Before running this code:

#include <IE.au3>

Global Const $olFolderInbox = 6

$sSender = ""


$o_Outlook = ObjCreate("Outlook.Application")

$oNameSpace = $o_Outlook.GetNameSpace("MAPI")

$oInbox = $oNameSpace.GetDefaultFolder($olFolderInbox)

$oFolders = $oInbox.Parent.Folders

While 1

$oItems = $oInbox.Items

For $oItem In $oItems

If String($oItem.SenderEmailAddress) = $sSender Then

msgbox(0,"","New Email Found " & $oItem.Subject,2)






msgbox(0,"","Not Found Yet",1)

1 is it possible to force Outlook to perform a Send/Receive as part of the process created by ObjCreate("Outlook.Application")? and

2 is there a requirement to release the Outlook.Application object after the process performed by it completed and if so how would that be achieved?

Assistance is always appreciated... Ant.. ;)

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