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Very Basic Question about if statements and sound

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Ok I want to bring up a window that says "would you like to play a sound notifying you that the script works" if yes is clicked I want the script to play the sound then start the script, if not then I want it to just start the script. I have everything done but the sound window part. If - Then in the help file isnt working for me, there was on there somewhere something that has what I'm kinda looking for. It had a window with yes and no buttons and a cancel button. As you pressed yes or no it said what you pressed until you hit cancel which exited. If anyone could name that example thats all I need I believe

what I grabbed from the help file

MsgBox(4, "Play Sound?", "Play sound when script is started?") <---looks like I want it

but then I need an if statement, just not sure how to use the help file in this.

$sound = MsgBox(4, "Play Sound?", "Play sound when script is started?")

if $sound=6




script scriptscript script

script script

script script

something like that but in autoit is what I'm thinking I need, just not sure how to do it.

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