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sticking variables/arrays inside an array

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I'm guessing you want to concatenate, adn that your &'s are incorrectly inside the ""-delimeted string, so try this:

Dim $types = StringSplit("'cur_table.sql.bz2','cur_table.sql','\WP_'" & $lang[$bob] & "'_'" & $plat[$alice] & "'_TXT.txt'",',')

But I'd recommend "splitting" ( :lmao: ) this up to make it easier to debug:

$sTypes = "'cur_table.sql.bz2','cur_table.sql','\WP_'" & $lang[$bob] & "'_'" & $plat[$alice] & "'_TXT.txt'"
;lets see if we got that right..
    MsgBox (0,"debug", $sTypes) ; remove this when you're happy with $sTypes
;NOW do the split
    $asTypes = StringSplit($sTypes,',')



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