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Help with SelectFile

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Is There any way except control* to use the data of that activex

i tried guictrlread but nothing

Does someone has any idea?

$fname = "Form1"
$Form1 = GUICreate($fname, 633, 447, 193, 125)
$Obj1 = ObjCreate("CompatUI.SelectFile.1")
$Obj1_ctrl = GUICtrlCreateObj($Obj1, 56, 56, 486, 93)

(And no fileopendialog)

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Hallo Vakis

; ===========================================
; Simple example to embed CompatUI.dll objects
; Selectfile example
; By Kåre Johansson 2008
; ===========================================
$GUI = GUICreate('Title', 633, 447, 193, 125)
$Obj = ObjCreate("CompatUI.SelectFile.1")
if Not Isobj($Obj) Then; check component state
  ConsoleWrite('Could not open com object' & @CRLF)
$Obj_ctrl = GUICtrlCreateObj($Obj, 56, 56, 486,23); Height is fixed to a maximum at 23
$Obj_Event = ObjEvent($Obj,"_UIEvent_"); role out an event handle
With $Obj; Create a component pool to initiate component
  .BrowseTitle = 'My Title'
  .BrowseInitialDirectory = 'C:\Windows\'
  .BrowseFilter = '*.Exe'
  .FileName = 'C:\Windows\notepad.exe'

While 1
Switch GUIGetMsg()
  Case 0
  Case -3
  ConsoleWrite($Obj.FileName & @CRLF); get the selected file
$Obj = 0; free component

; Only two events available to this object
Func _UIEvent_StateChanged($Long)
  ConsoleWrite('Evets - state changed:' & $Long & @CRLF)

Func _UIEvent_SelectionComplete()
  ConsoleWrite('Evets - SelectionComplete' & @CRLF)

Simple as that - The component holds 4 objects where Selectfile is one of the easy ones, read more at link:


Hope this helps

Kjactive ;)

Edited by kjactive

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