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Thoughts about login scripts

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Knocked-up a quick script to simplify the maintenance of login-scripts.

Basically, we have a number of departments, some of which have only selective access to certain areas of the servers. (Nothing unusual there..) Maintaining a separate login-script for each of these departments was getting to be a pain, yet was preferable to using a single script, which would confuse the users by placing inaccessible drive-mappings on their machines. So thought it might be a lot simpler to map all drives from a common script, then check each for accessibility and remove those for which a directory-listing is denied.

; ******** DriveZap.au3 ************ 


while $letters[$ct]<>"-"
 $letters[$ct]=$letters[$ct] & ":"
 if $share <> "" then
  $handle=filefindfirstfile($share & "\*") 
  if $handle < 0 then

This method works, but might not be the most efficient one possible. It relies on the "./.." entries being visible if the folder contains no other files. Thoughts on this, anyone?

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