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"title" in the Window Functions

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Prior to the obsolescence of advanced mode 4 and the introduction of the current advance window descriptions,

the specification of a null window title implied the active window.

WinGetTitle ("") = WinGetTitle ("[ACTIVE]")
WinGetHandle ("") = WinGetHandle ("[ACTIVE]")

It still seems to today. Is this an "interface" that should be relied on?

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This is still the default behavior. There is code in AutoIt that returns the active window and indicates success if you provide an empty string, so this is not just an artifact of the win32 API. I don't see any reason that the (predictable) behavior should change, and as such it should probably be documented for these script functions.

That said, if you're rebuilding your compiled scripts or running legacy scripts with an updated version of AutoIt and you know you want the active window, then you should go ahead and update your script to use the new advanced tags.

If you're using precompiled scripts that work as desired the way that they are, then I'd leave them alone unless circumstances demand that you change them.

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